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Vestibular Rehabilitation Using Speed-Ball / Turn-ball

The Vestibular System is a part of the Inner Ear which is responsible for coding head movements and maintain gaze and posture. If the Vestibular system weakens, the brain needs to re-adapt in a way so as to compensate for the lost function. This video details a home based Vestibular Rehabilitation Program that can be used indoors to stimulate the vestibular system and integrate vision, vestibular and muscle joint input to improve balance function.

Earphone use and Risk of Hearing Loss (iPhone)

Personal sound systems have been available since decades now and use of headphones and earphones has seen a significant boost post 2019. Earphones have become a necessity, which brings along fears if one might be harming one's hearing when using them over prolonged periods. Luckily the iPhone has an inbuilt mechanism to check on this. The video details how to monitor your headphone/ earphone volume when using an iPhone and make sure that the levels of sound input remain within safe limits.

Phonak Paradise : Introduction and Instructions

Phonak has launched its new series of hearing aids, which are rechargable. They are bluetooth connectable to the phone, laptop and TV. Their settings can be adjusted through an application over the phone.

Changing Wax Filters

This video shows step by step instructions on how to change wax filters on your Widex/ Resound/ Starkey or Phonak hearing aid.

Is It Safe to Use Earbuds ?

Today i thought it wise to probe an existential question, one that hits hard at the basic tenets of hygiene we incorporated as young boys and girls. Are Ear Buds even remotely, a good idea? Let's find out.

Interpretation of Vestibular Investigations

This presentation is meant for professionals. This details the various vestibular investigations and their interpretations. Part of the Neuro-otological and Equilibriometric Society of India.

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