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Covid 19 : Change in Practice

To reduce the likelihood of spread of infection, We are only seeing patients on appointments. there are a set of measures that are being taken. . Please do get in touch to have an appointment marked prior to your visit. Email is a good way to contact us (contact@primehearing.com) apart from regular phone based appointments. we have started taking online & tele-consultations. Feel free to contact us by emailing at contact@primehearing.com .

Dr Malik's Prime Clinics have been the pioneers in Audio-Vestibular Medicine in India. As a branch this typically deals with Disorders of Hearing and Vertigo, and covers diagnosis and management of hearing loss, imbalance, dizziness & tinnitus (buzzing in the ears).

The Backbone of our practice is a team of two specialist medical doctors trained in AudioVestibular Medicine from University College London, Dr Kshitij Malik & Dr Tushar Malik. They have years of experience in managing deafness (with hearing aids & cochlear implants), balance issues like vertigo (dizziness), and buzzing in ears (Tinnitus). The approach of this practice is based on the most recent medical guidelines and evidenced based treatment.

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The Clinic Programme:

  • Hearing Protection: Sound levels are on the rise universally and traffic noise has a potential to wreck one's hearing. Music on personal listening devices if heard at "are you crazy" levels is a significant risk as well. If you or your loved ones are exposed to loud sounds for prolonged periods, noise protection is strongly recommended. 
Completely in the Canal Hearing Aid which is almost invisible when worn.

  • Hearing Aids: To do justice to hearing aid fittings, a detailed assessment not only of peripheral hearing, but of word understanding is needed to prescribe and fit the best available option. Mark an appointment to have an extensive hearing assessment and fitting.  For information on Digital hearing aids, please click here.

A child wearing her cochlear implant.
  • Cochlear Implants:  Abbreviated as CI Systems, these are surgically implanted electronic devices that provide a sense of hearing to those who are profoundly deaf and receive little or no benefit out of their hearing aids. When discussing about Cochlear Implants, each case works on its own merit, and it is recommended you email us at contact@primehearing.com for details specific to your case. 
  • Vertigo Clinic: More than 50-70% of all dizziness is because of a problem in the Inner Ear. Very often it manifests itself as vertigo, which is chiefly an illusion of motion such as the spinning, tilting or floating,  lightheaded, spatial discomfort and imbalance. The clinic is one of the most equipped centers in the country to run the complete set of investigations to reach the root cause of the Vertigo. For information about vertigo management program please click here.

Tinnitus or constant ringing in the ears
  • Tinnitus Clinic: Tinnitus is the buzzing sound in the ear(s) in the absence of an external stimulus. It is more commonly experienced than usually thought. Though Tinnitus is not known to be a life threatening condition, it may have gross repercussions on  one's mental health. We practice Tinnitus Retraining which is known to benefit, if not fully treat, 80% of all who suffer from tinnitus. To know more about tinnitus and its management, please click here. 

  • Speech Therapy:  The Clinic has a dedicated team of Audiologists and Speech Therapists who address all major and minor speech related concerns. Speech Therapy focuses on receptive and expressive language, the ability to understand and use words. There may be several speech and language disorders which may warrant speech therapy.

Prime Clinic : Center for Hearing Aids, , Tinnitus Retraining Therapy and Vertigo Diagnostics and Rehabilitation. Fitting of Digital Hearing Aids by medical doctors specialising in Audiovestibular Medicine from University of London. Major Hearing Aid Manufacturers partner with Prime Clinic to ensure that our patients receive nothing short of the best.

Hearing Aid Partners:  Widex, Siemens, Phonak, Starkey, Oticon, Unitron, Bernfon, Audifon, ReSound, Alps