Hearing Protection

Hearing loss can be a direct effect of many occupations, recreational activities and general exposure to loud environmental sounds.

From specialty custom earplugs for musicians to sound attenuators, ear protection and enhancement products are the first step in an effective hearing conservation program.

Information about Noise and its effects:

Loud machinery and tools at home or on the job can damage your hearing – even short bursts of sound over 90 decibels can have an impact. Prolonged noise is even worse.

Permanent hearing loss can occur in as little as 15 minutes with exposure to certain sounds and almost instantly with unprotected exposure to sounds generated from firearms and certain power tools. Noise exposure and time limitations for the human ear.

Hearing Protection: 

The following hearing protection ear plugs are available which need to be selected based on the individual requirements. For information about what may be the best option for you, mark an appointment today.

Custom-fit Solid Earplugs provide outstanding noise protection for a variety of recreational and occupational environments. Choose from three options: plain earplugs, plugs with removal handles, or plugs connected with a cord you can place around your neck when not in use.(Shown in red with string attached : NRR of 27dB.)

Hocks Noise Brakers are recognised as superior aural protection devices for a variety of activities. Hocks devices contain a patented acoustical chamber to allow you to communicate at normal levels and remain aware of your surroundings. Has an NRR of 19dB.

Sonic Valve Earplugs protect your ears from noisy factory environments and other extremely loud sounds. Unlike earmuffs or standard solid earplugs, the Sonic Valve allows low level sounds through while preventing high level sounds such as gun blasts or loud factory sounds from reaching your ear at damaging levels. Ideal for law enforcement officers and industrial workers. (NRR of 15dB.)

Special Ear Plugs

Custom Swimmer Earplugs provide excellent protection from water in the ear. They’re made of super-soft hydrophobic silicone and are available in a variety of solid, swirled and neon colours. Swimmer Earplugs also provide hearing protection. Shown in Blue and Red Floatable material.

MP3 Earbud Moulds : The acoustic design optimises sound quality of standard in-ear headphones that come with MP3 players, including iPod®, and other audio equipment. They also make lower volumes more satisfying to protect hearing. The secure fit keeps the buds in place while jogging or at the gym.

Personal Audio Monitors eliminate the need for traditional stage monitor wedge speakers. They provide lower stage volume for the performer, truer sound for the audience and less equipment to purchase and transport. The in-ear, custom-fit earpieces provide unmatched comfort and secure fit with unique, low-profile styling and up to 26 dB of sound isolation from ambient sounds for protection and enjoyment. They are also ideal for MP3 players, iPod®, computer or gaming systems

PM800S Specifications:• Triple Drivers (Stage Use)• Frequency Range: 20 to 15,000 Hz• Sensitivity: 123dB @ 1mW• Impedance: 132 Ohms• Warranty: One Year
PM700S Specifications:• Dual Driver (Stage Use)• Frequency Range: 20 to 12,317 Hz• Sensitivity: 121dB @ 1mW• Impedance: 39 Ohms• Warranty: One Year

Racing Driver's Ear-Moulds : Used by motorsports drivers who demand quality communication, the Racing Receiver mold offers maximum comfort and durability while providing excellent sound suppression underneath any racing helmet. 

Stethoscope Adaptor Mould Customized receiver molds can be fit to nearly any stethoscope for added comfort and enhanced hearing ability in noisy medical environments.