Cochlear Implants & BAHA


Very simply speaking, Cochlear implants are implantable devices designed to provide sound detection and speech recognition for people who receive little or no benefit from hearing aids.

Considering that implants involve a surgery under General anaesthesia, there are strict criteria which define who can, and who cannot receive a cochlear implant. The assessment is based on various different criteria which are (i) Audiological (ii) Radiological (iii) Medical (iv) and vestibular.

We do implant candidacy assessment and further offer Cochlear Implants to those who require them. Typically, a cochlear implant should be offered if the following are fulfilled.

Criteria for Cochlear Implantation

Criteria for Adults
  • Bilateral severe-to-profound sensorineural hearing loss
  • Minimal benefit from appropriate hearing aids
  • Postlingual deafness in ear to be implanted
  • Recent use of hearing aid
  • Healthy enough to undergo surgery
  • Present cochlea and auditory canal as evidenced by CT scan
  • Appropriate expectation of outcomes
Criteria for Children
  • 12 months - 17 years
  • Severe to profound deafness
  • Minimal benefit from appropriate amplification
  • Aural educational setting
  • Appropriate commitment and expectations of family.
  • Present cochlea and auditory canal with hearing nerve as evidenced by CT scan & MRI
  • Healthy enough to undergo surgery